The Fuji x100s


After jonesing for this camera for over a year, I finally bit the bullet and pushed the “order” button on amazon.

I’ve been wanting a compact digital rangefinder forever, but just could not justify the cost of a Leica. The x100s is the next best thing, in some ways perhaps even better. It’s everything a camera of this type is supposed to be, it delivers perfect results under challenging conditions, in short it’s the best camera I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Ken Rockwell calls it The World’s Best Digital Camera (in caps), and I am inclined to agree with him.

    The hybrid viewfinder is fantastic, delivering all the information you need and none of the distractions
    The controls are proper camera controls, located where they make sense.
    The lens is fast and sharp.
    The world will run out of light before this camera runs out of ability – I routinely shoot at 6400 with very, very little noise

I am not going to add another gushing review – there are enough of those available – but if you’re even half-serious about photography, go and get one. You won’t be disappointed.


Whoa. A dishwasher for the Airstream?


Today I learned, much to my surprise, that there’s such a thing as a dishwasher that should fit in the empty space that originally housed a big, fat, 1980′s microwave in our 1984 Airstream.

And while camping in Provincial Parks, or even boondocking on crown land, and a built-in dishwasher might sound like a strange combination at first, the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

We’re five people, and washing the dishes three times a day takes both time and water. The sink and the kitchen in a trailer are smaller than in a regular kitchen, so things can get cramped, quickly.

When reading up about the specs, it turns out that the dishwasher actually uses less water, 3 gallon on average, than washing the dishes by hand. If the measurements work out, this will be the next upgrade to the silver bullet.

Next year we’ll also be swapping the current RV toilet, which uses a black tank, for a composting toilet, most likely a Nature’s Head model. This will free up the current black tank for grey water, giving us more independence from services.

Deep Freeze Toronto

In the middle of the never-ending winter. -30º today.

Pasta faces

Dramatic printer

Winter sky

Front Street in the snow #Toronto


I am going to miss my Kensington lunches.

From one tiny grill. Amazing

Dinner is looking good.

First trial run of the Cobb grill.

We bought a Cobb grill to take camping. It helps that the bottom keeps cool to the touch, so cool that Cobb have some amusing videos on their website showing a guy floating in a pool with a lit Cobb on his belly, but the real advantage is that this little grill works amazingly well.

It’s more of a portable oven than a full on BBQ, but for me that’s an advantage. A load of charcoal keeps the temperature at between 380º and 420º for about two hours, the perfect time to roast a chicken. Wrap some veggies up in tin foil, and they will happily steam alongside.

Good morning

Checking out a new day together


Smoke rapini

Happy Canada day

Weird things you were in Liberty Village

Way to spend a Friday evening

Canada vs Ireland.

Wednesday drinks

Good coffee at the office.

The best way to eat cauliflower. Roasted with anchovies and good olive oil.

Toronto alleyways

Kensington Market characters

Toronto alleyways

Toronto alleyways


In Kensington

Midweek Frittata. Asparagus, potatoes and anchovies in happy harmony.

Lunch at Seven Lives. Octopus, here we come.

Quick cut this morning at Garrison Barbers.

The things people do to animals at work

The games are about to begin.

The team getting ready

More Olympic medals in this room than I’ve ever seen.

Hanging with the Olympic athletes

Props ready to go. The studio smells delicious.

Prepping for a shoot in Montreal today.

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