Why ad blocking is going mainstream

I’ve been watching the rapid mainstreaming of adblocking software with great interest, so today’s infographic from Global Web Index was timely. Over the last week, the three top performing paid apps in the iOS store were ad blocking solutions.

Yes, ad folks: people hate the stuff you create so much, they pay money to get rid of it. A bit of a sobering experience.

I strongly believe that the effectiveness of online ads in particular, and ads in general, will continue to plummet towards zero. The only way to engage today’s consumer is by creating positive experiences, by making their lives better.

Were I a CEO of a large company, I would immediately rename my marketing department into my “Customer Delight Department”.

Here’s what Jason Mander’s data has to say:

As our data makes clear, this is a trend being led by younger age groups and men. But particularly striking is the consistency of the figures across each world region: at least a quarter of internet users in all places are already blocking ads, peaking at 30% in Europe (where the issue has been a particularly hot topic thanks to the interventions of authorities).

What’s also interesting is that adblockers over-index for daily time spent on the internet as well as for being concerned about how their data is being used by companies. For this audience, then, part of the appeal of adblocking is shielding themselves from unwanted interruptions and targeting.


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