The first Airstream we took a look at

A 1979 31′ Sovereign, with front bath and twin beds. This wasn’t the one. While the frame was straight and the body in good condition, inside it reminded us of “that” apartment you see when you’re a student that you really want to like – but then take a pass on because it’s just that little bit too grotty.

The first warning signal was the smell. Temperatures were well below freezing and still the inside of the trailer smelled damp. This usually means that it’ll smell really bad once it gets warmer, as pointed out by the ever helpful folks over on It also means that the smell sits, in all likelihood, in the insulation and that there are, or were, issues with leaks.

Ripping out the interior skin of an Airstream and replacing the innards is more work than I am willing to invest at this time, so we’ll be giving this one a miss.

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