A good day

I took two days off work just before the Labour Day weekend to spend some quality time with Oscar, my oldest son, before the start of school. We were joined by his buddy Owen and Owen’s dad, Milos, who is also a personal friend. Two dads, two five year old boys, heaps of fun.

Day one, we took an early ferry to Centre Island, where we spent the morning. The dads drinking coffee, the kids throwing pebbles into the water, climbing trees and behaving like five year olds should behave on a carefree day off.

There’s enough space between these branches for an entire gaggle of kids.

Just before lunch we called a water taxi and headed over to the Island Yacht Club, or Spoke on the Water as it is being renamed, to enquire about membership.


I had read about the struggles of the Island Yacht Club in the news. Originally founded in the 1950’s by Jewish sailing enthusiasts who were denied access to established yacht clubs, the IYC had long prospered. But about ten years ago disaster struck, the old clubhouse burned down and the club had never fully recovered to it’s glory days.

But, after much effort, there was now a new, beautiful and modern clubhouse, a heated outdoor pool and from what I’ve heard the club was extremely kid friendly. I had called ahead and we got invited to spend the day, have lunch and explore the club at our leisure.


The second we stepped off the water taxi and got met with a friendly welcome, I knew that I would apply for membership. The annual fee is reasonable, especially given that it includes tender services, as well as the use of club owned boats and all facilities. The new clubhouse is beautiful, modern, built with wood and glass. The view of the skyline is fantastic. Lunch was good.

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