A new summer home for the home on wheels

On the scales today. Despite the impressive size this is a relatively light Airstream, weighing in at 7500lbs with a full tank of water and freshly filled propane. With her Hensley hitch, she tows like a dream.

Early this morning I drove down to CanAm in London to pick our Airstream up and tow her to her summer quarters near Hamilton. In the end, we chose RV Park & Go because of their location and professionalism. Secure, well looked after storage in a convenient place. Highway 6 takes us up towards Lake Huron, the 403 out west and towards Lake Erie – meaning two of our usual summer haunts are covered off.


On the list of things to do: Clean and re-apply the new (old) WBCCI numbers. When we joined the club, we had the old number re-issued.

We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the somewhat dated 80’s interior. The fresh upholstery and new floor have made a massive difference, and I am tempted to wait with the full reno until the kids are a little older and not quite as likely to wreck everything.

This year’s upgrade is a dishwasher, installed where the old microwave used to live – we don’t own one at home and we don’t need one on the road. A dishwasher however seemed like a great idea. With five people, there’s an awful lot of dishes that need washing and this little machine holds ten plates, cutlery and assorted glasses and mugs. Water consumption is approx 10 litres per wash, so we’ll only be using it once a day.

A perfect fit for the space that was originally occupied by the microwave.

Holds ten good sized plates and a ton of other stuff. Impressive.


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