Catching up

This blog has been sadly neglected, but that’s the way it goes with young kids around. Life’s busy. Additionally, 2015 just wasn’t a good Airstream year for us. There were mishaps, breakdowns, lack of time, lack of planning, missed opportunities. Few trips jelled. Part of this was due to our extended travel to Europe, to …

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New show reel

Over the last year, we’ve been shooting more and more beautiful food videos. So much so, that it was high time for a new showreel. Take a look, but don’t blame me if you’re ending up hungry.

Special K tells women to stop dieting (also, hell freezes over)

Consumers have never been smarter about food, and the desire for real food in a real world has gone mainstream. Food producers are being forced to re­formulate, with real ingredients and no preservatives, colours or additives. And this consumer-driven movement is also forcing brand messaging to show consumers as real people – as Special K …

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Back to the real world

A hyperlapse of the tender returning from the Toronto Islands to the mainland. I even caught a plane landing. The boat moved quite a bit once we reached open water, so the stabilization is pretty impressive, especially for footage shot on a phone.

A good day

I took two days off work just before the Labour Day weekend to spend some quality time with Oscar, my oldest son, before the start of school. We were joined by his buddy Owen and Owen’s dad, Milos, who is also a personal friend. Two dads, two five year old boys, heaps of fun. Day …

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