Back from winter quarters

I picked up our Airstream from Can-Am in London today, where we kept her over the winter to get a number of gremlins sorted out.

We had a small leak somewhere at the back, the hot water heater had issues igniting and the furnace had developed a squeal. Nothing out of the ordinary for a 30 year old trailer, and nothing we hadn’t been expecting.

In the end we replaced the hot water heater and some other plumbing but just capped the furnace for now. The burn chamber is rusted out, which is a recipe for CO2 leakage. I want to do some research before deciding on a new furnace, and for the cooler evenings we have the heat pump on the roof that’s more than capable of keeping us all warm and toasty. The leak turned out to come from one of the awning lights, so we replaced the entire row of them.

Other than that, it was great to get the Airstream back on the road. I decided to avoid the 401 and the 403, the direct highway connection from London to Hamilton where we park the Airstream, and head home via the small rural highways instead, grabbing lunch on the way. No traffic and sunny weather made for an enjoyable drive, listening to the British History Podcast on the way.

It’s always surprising how just how well and obediently this huge old trailer tows. The 34′ triple axle models have the reputation to be the best towing trailers Airstream have ever made and I’m sure there’s truth to that. In combination with the Hensley hitch there’s no movement, no sway, even with some large trucks passing and during a very short stop at a suddenly changing traffic signal.

The Honda too behaved perfectly, towing much of the way in eco mode, running on four cylinders. I do make sure to inflate the tires to above normal before a towing session, which makes a real difference as far as stability is concerned.

We’re in the market for an SUV next spring, and will most likely go with the Mercedes GL series diesel. Having said that, I had an opportunity for a chat with Andy Thompson during pickup and he highly recommended the Dodge Durango for our needs. It’s basically the same car as the Mercedes, the two vehicles share the same platform, but at half the price.

Decisions, decisions.

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