Catching up

This blog has been sadly neglected, but that’s the way it goes with young kids around. Life’s busy.

Additionally, 2015 just wasn’t a good Airstream year for us. There were mishaps, breakdowns, lack of time, lack of planning, missed opportunities. Few trips jelled.

Part of this was due to our extended travel to Europe, to see grandparents, parents, friends. There’s only that much energy we had available, and most of it went towards planning the trip.


I am still not sure what exactly happened, but 2015 was the year we lost our awning and our alternator – all in one trip.

I visited the Airstream at the storage facility and noticed that one of the locking wheels was missing. I didn’t think much of it, until the entire awning came loose when we arrived on the campground for our next trip.

Then, the evening before we had to move off our campsite, our car didn’t start. An empty battery, I thought at first, but soon found out that it was far more serious and that the alternator was gone.

We were stuck at Long Point, with a dead car and a 34′ trailer that had to be moved off the site we were on the next morning. I spent a bit of sleepless night, worrying about what to do. While we do have CAA membership for RVs, that only covers the vehicles being moved. For people, including kids, you’re on your own. 

In the end, it all worked out. A friend who was also camping at Long Point helped me to get the battery charged up, giving me 20 minutes of movement which was just enough to dump the tanks and make it to the parks storage yard which the helpful rangers opened up for me.

Another friend saw my call of help on Facebook, hopped into his car at 6:30 in the morning and was there two hours later to pick up Anja and the kids. I then waited for the CAA to pick up the Honda and give me a tow back to the city where the car was fixed up with a brand new alternator two days later. CAA was unable to find a tow truck that was able to tow our trailer, which was another problem on top of everything else. In the end, the Park’s rangers came to the rescue, opening their storage facility. 

Waiting for the rangers to open the storage yard

CanAm sent a driver down to the Park two days later to tow the trailer back to their workshop to fix the awning. We left it there for winter storage and the installation of the Nature’s Head composting toilet we are having installed.

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