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Shakedown trip to Point Farms

We had booked a shakedown trip for the May long weekend, to Point Farms Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Huron. We used to own an old farm worker’s cottage nearby, so we know the area well – agriculture and Mennonite farms as far as the eye can see, in a gently undulating landscape… Continue Reading

New (towing) tires for the Honda

I needed a set of new tires for our Odyssey. Not only is this our family vehicle, but we also use it to tow a 7500 lbs Airstream around, so we have some special needs to look after. After talking to both Andy from CanAm RV and the towing expert at my local tire shop,… Continue Reading

A new summer home for the home on wheels

On the scales today. Despite the impressive size this is a relatively light Airstream, weighing in at 7500lbs with a full tank of water and freshly filled propane. With her Hensley hitch, she tows like a dream. Early this morning I drove down to CanAm in London to pick our Airstream up and tow her… Continue Reading

One homeless trailer

Last year in November, going into winter storage I am booked to pick up our Airstream from CanAm RV in London on the 5th of May – in just over a week. As we live in downtown Toronto, we need a place to park when we’re not using the trailer. Last summer, we stored her… Continue Reading

Whoa. A dishwasher for the Airstream?

Today I learned, much to my surprise, that there’s such a thing as a dishwasher that should fit in the empty space that originally housed a big, fat, 1980’s microwave in our 1984 Airstream. And while camping in Provincial Parks, or even boondocking on crown land, and a built-in dishwasher might sound like a strange… Continue Reading

Next up – a 1984 34ft Sovereign

Next up – a 1984 34ft Sovereign

After the 31′ Sovereign turned out to be too damp and dingy for us we decided to take a look at a 1984 triple axle. From the outside, this is a beast and considerably longer a trailer that I had envisaged for us – I had hoped to find a 25 or 27 footer. But… Continue Reading

Why we’re buying a vintage Airstream

We used to own a sweet little farm worker’s cottage in the country, nestled away in a hamlet close to Lake Huron in the heart of Mennonite country. As a weekend property, it was close to perfect. Heat came from a wood fired stove, our property sloped down to a lake, we were close to… Continue Reading

The first Airstream we took a look at

The first Airstream we took a look at

A 1979 31′ Sovereign, with front bath and twin beds. This wasn’t the one. While the frame was straight and the body in good condition, inside it reminded us of “that” apartment you see when you’re a student that you really want to like – but then take a pass on because it’s just that… Continue Reading