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Economics for non-economists

Fascinating read and a book I am sure to check up with in the future. I am constantly surprised by how few marketing people try to understand the basics of economics, anthropology and behavioral psychology. Continue Reading

Back to pen and paper

Back to pen and paper

I recently went back to pen and notebook vs. taking notes on my iPad or Nexus. Turns out that taking notes by hand leads to significantly higher memory retention than taking notes by typing. If you want to remember, or recall, the content of a note, write it, don’t type it. I haven’t seen any… Continue Reading

Great presentation by Rory Sutherland at FFW

When I first moved to London as a green 21 year old graphic designer, I was lucky enough to snag a job as a junior Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather. I had arrived in London six months earlier, with all my earthly belongings stuffed in a duffle bag and £600 in my back pocket.… Continue Reading

USB cufflinks

I am way too proud of this project but come on – this is cool stuff. A client of ours needed a leave behind for select high-value sales conversations. We came up with this idea: what if we’d create USB cufflinks, then load them with a self running presentation. Was it possible? Could we find… Continue Reading