Whoa. A dishwasher for the Airstream?


Today I learned, much to my surprise, that there’s such a thing as a dishwasher that should fit in the empty space that originally housed a big, fat, 1980’s microwave in our 1984 Airstream.

And while camping in Provincial Parks, or even boondocking on crown land, and a built-in dishwasher might sound like a strange combination at first, the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

We’re five people, and washing the dishes three times a day takes both time and water. The sink and the kitchen in a trailer are smaller than in a regular kitchen, so things can get cramped, quickly.

When reading up about the specs, it turns out that the dishwasher actually uses less water, 3 gallon on average, than washing the dishes by hand. If the measurements work out, this will be the next upgrade to the silver bullet.

Next year we’ll also be swapping the current RV toilet, which uses a black tank, for a composting toilet, most likely a Nature’s Head model. This will free up the current black tank for grey water, giving us more independence from services.

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