From Honda to Dodge

Our Honda Odyssey had been doing a great job for the last three years, but I knew I wanted to sell it while it would still bring a decent price on the second hand market.

We had been, casually, looking on Autotrader for either a Dodge Durango or a Mercedes GL, our shortlisted vehicles. While I wanted to move from our van to a SUV, I wasn’t prepared to go to a body on frame model. Both the Dodge and the Mercedes share the same platform, developed during the Daimler-Chrysler years, modern and with fully independent suspension all round.

In November, a perfect Dodge turned up. 4WD, the large 8 cylinder engine, a 2014 model with the new 8 gear transmissio, low km and captain’s seats in the second row. The icing on the cake was that the tow group had already been fitted, with a Class IV hitch and all wiring ready to go.

The new Dodge, with our old Honda parked behind

Some negotiations later, the car was a lease buy-out, and we had a deal. Next year we’ll be towing with a new vehicle. I am specifically looking forward to the 4WD – there had been the odd occasion where it would have been useful in the past, especially on wet or damp grass.

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