Why I am keeping a paper running diary

Like many other recreational runners, I use my phone to record my runs. For me, a combination of Strava and the Apple Health app does the trick.

My Strava app even backs up all running data to a google spreadsheet via a Zapier zap. Seeing my activity feed is both a record of achievement, but also a reminder not to get lazy and drop the habit – especially during winter the lure of the warm bed is strong, at 5:30 in the morning, my usual running time.

But on top of all this gadgetry, I record my runs and observations in a paper notebook after each run. And in many a way, I am finding this notebook far more useful than the apps and the technology I am using. Sure, measuring time and distance is important and useful, but writing down how a run went, how it made me feel, makes me reflect and think about it in a way that looking at an app or digital record never does.

Give it a shot, I highly recommend it.

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