Lake Erie – a tour

We’ve always been fans of Lake Huron. The sandy beaches, the wonderful sunsets, the wide open spaces dotted with well kept Mennonite farms, those were the reasons we bought our little weekend getaway farm cottage near Kincardine some years ago.

Lake Erie via Landsat
Lake Erie via Landsat. The tongue sticking out from the top is Long Point Provincial Park.
But while we loved the cottage, we found that the upkeep of a rural property took too much of our time. We sold again and bought our Airstream instead. Since then, we started exploring Ontario’s most overlooked and often ignored lake – Lake Erie. With a reputation for danger, there are places where Lake Erie is known for its undertow, and pollution, much of which has been cleaned up, Lake Erie is a bit of the ugly stepsister of the Great Lakes. One of the results is that it’s actually possible to book sites in the Lake Erie Provincial Parks during August when pretty much anything else has been booked for months.

Airstream camping in Long Point Provincial Park
Long Point was the destination of our first trip after buying our Airstream – with three kids under three (at the time) it was quite the adventure.

This year we’ll be testing out three of the Parks – Long Point, which we know and love, but then also Port Burwell, which is getting good reviews and two nights at Selkirk, where the reviews are decidedly mixed. Some report that the beaches are dirty, but the sites look spacious and very well kept. We’ll see. One of the benefits of having wheels is that we can move on whenever we feel like it.

I’m also looking forward to exploring the surrounding countryside, farms and wineries. I just had a friendly chat, on twitter, with Director of Winery Operations for Burning Kiln Winery, Karen Mathews. Looks like we might be staying with them for one night. Burning Kiln take part in Harvest Hosts, which is exciting for us because that means we can use our membership for the first time. 


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