New (towing) tires for the Honda

I needed a set of new tires for our Odyssey. Not only is this our family vehicle, but we also use it to tow a 7500 lbs Airstream around, so we have some special needs to look after.

After talking to both Andy from CanAm RV and the towing expert at my local tire shop, Ossington Tire – run in the third generation by a Portuguese family stubbornly refusing to have their shop gentrified away – I decided to go with Yokohama AVID Ascend tires.

Andy had recommended the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread in a 55 version, but in the end I didn’t want to change the tire size – it confuses the onboard computer and, more importantly, the Honda ABS doesn’t like it. According to my tire guy, the Yoko has even better grip than the Goodyear, and an even higher load rating.

The Honda takes P235/60R17 tires. What makes the Ascend so useful for towing is that it comes with a 103 load rating, which translates into a max 1929lbs per tire, far above what we’ll ever encounter. The higher load tires come with stiffer sidewalls, which makes them less soft and comfortable, but a lot more predictable under heavy load, for example when towing.

After the switch the ride was marginally rougher, but not excessively so – my wife didn’t even notice. Grip was excellent too, when leaving the CanAm forecourt there’s a little slippery strip where we always had a little spin with the old tires, but not this time.

I towed our trailer from London to her summer quarters near Toronto today and the tires were excellent. Arrow straight tracking and 100% stability – it was a quiet, steady tow.

If you’re looking, this might be an option worth exploring.

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