Next up – a 1984 34ft Sovereign

After the 31′ Sovereign turned out to be too damp and dingy for us we decided to take a look at a 1984 triple axle.


From the outside, this is a beast and considerably longer a trailer that I had envisaged for us – I had hoped to find a 25 or 27 footer. But once we saw the inside, a lot of things made sense. First off, it is build like an absolute rock. Outside the frame looks rock solid, no sag or signs of front or back separation. On the inside, everything is solid wood, cedar lined wardrobes, a spacious back bedroom ready to take bunk beds for the kids, a large galley and a dinette that will make it easy to feed the hungry mob. All points in its favour.

Owners swear that, despite the intimidating size, this is one of the easiest Airstream trailers to tow, with a very low centre of gravity and straight tracking. Yes, six wheels and three axles are more expensive to service than four, but the increase in cost isn’t a deal-breaker for us.

The trailer is semi-renovated, with many of the systems that make it work either new or recent replacements. Some work still needs to be done, mostly upholstery and flooring. Right now we’re getting quotes in to see if this is the one – if it all makes financial sense we might just pull the trigger on this model.


as 033

as 034

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  1. This triple axle beast is huge! It reminds me of some missile-hauling half-track the Kremlin bigwigs used to salute. That means I like it!

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