One homeless trailer

Last year in November, going into winter storage

I am booked to pick up our Airstream from CanAm RV in London on the 5th of May – in just over a week.

As we live in downtown Toronto, we need a place to park when we’re not using the trailer. Last summer, we stored her away away at Milton Heights Campground, on a storage field. The setup is perfect, 40 minutes from home, five minutes from the 401, with fresh water and dumping facilities available. We even stayed overnight from Friday to Saturday a number of times, then left early the next morning for a weekend of camping.

So it came as an unpleasant surprise when I called to book a storage space for this summer only to be told they were all booked out. Last year, half the storage field was empty, so I didn’t give this much urgency. Had I known, I would have booked a space in early April. Bummer.

This is now leaving us scrambling to find a place to park during the week. I’ll be calling a number of campgrounds next week, but it looks like we might have to use a storage facility instead. RV Park & Go in Oakville looks best so far, but is asking for a 12 months contract. We’ll see what comes up. Worst comes to worst, we can always continue to store her with CanAm, but I’d much rather have her close to home.

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