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Love this

As my first accountant told me: “Until the day you’ve turned a profit, you haven’t got a business. You’ve got a hobby.” Continue Reading

Why ad blocking is going mainstream

I’ve been watching the rapid mainstreaming of adblocking software with great interest, so today’s infographic from Global Web Index was timely. Over the last week, the three top performing paid apps in the iOS store were ad blocking solutions. Yes, ad folks: people hate the stuff you create so much, they pay money to get… Continue Reading

Back to the real world

A hyperlapse of the tender returning from the Toronto Islands to the mainland. I even caught a plane landing. The boat moved quite a bit once we reached open water, so the stabilization is pretty impressive, especially for footage shot on a phone. Continue Reading

A good day

I took two days off work just before the Labour Day weekend to spend some quality time with Oscar, my oldest son, before the start of school. We were joined by his buddy Owen and Owen’s dad, Milos, who is also a personal friend. Two dads, two five year old boys, heaps of fun. Day… Continue Reading

The fuckers

It’s rare that I swear on this blog, but this time I will make an exception and here’s why – somebody tried to steal, or vandalize, our ZipDee awning, in the process causing serious damage to our beautiful Airstream. I noticed something what strange when I visited the trailer two days before we were setting… Continue Reading

Geek dreams – a pencil sharpening machine

When I was a boy, I loved using my dad’s pencil sharpening machine. Black, made from heavy bakelite, it sharpened pencils beautifully. The pencils were centred by a spring loaded clamping mechanism that pulled them into the machine as they were being sharpened. I still use pencils daily, they are my favourite writing instruments, and… Continue Reading

Apple watch – my initial reactions

I went ahead and ordered an Apple watch back in April – the 42mm stainless model with the Milanese loop band. It arrived quite a bit sooner than than I had anticipated, three days ago. I own an original Pebble, as well as an original Samsung smartwatch that we acquired for next to nothing when… Continue Reading

To Dodge, or not to Dodge

After my recent conversation with Andy Thomson at CanAm I went to check out to see how much a Dodge Durango would set us back. We always buy vehicles that are off lease, for cash if possible. They’re 50% cheaper than new, and just as good as new, with a full service history and… Continue Reading

Back from winter quarters

A photo posted by Andreas Duess (@andreasduess) on May 1, 2015 at 6:57am PDT I picked up our Airstream from Can-Am in London today, where we kept her over the winter to get a number of gremlins sorted out. We had a small leak somewhere at the back, the hot water heater had issues igniting… Continue Reading

Camping in Long Point

Shots of the gang – almost all taken with our GoPro Hero 3+. We just spent a wonderful week tucked away on a camp site in Long Point Provincial Park. Long Point is one of our favourite parks in Ontario. Only two hours from our storage facility in Hamilton, it’s easily accessible via winding country… Continue Reading