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Back from winter quarters

A photo posted by Andreas Duess (@andreasduess) on May 1, 2015 at 6:57am PDT I picked up our Airstream from Can-Am in London today, where we kept her over the winter to get a number of gremlins sorted out. We had a small leak somewhere at the back, the hot water heater had issues igniting… Continue Reading

Camping in Long Point

Shots of the gang – almost all taken with our GoPro Hero 3+. We just spent a wonderful week tucked away on a camp site in Long Point Provincial Park. Long Point is one of our favourite parks in Ontario. Only two hours from our storage facility in Hamilton, it’s easily accessible via winding country… Continue Reading

Favourite photo

Felix, coming down the slide, a split second before splashing down into a puddle, soaking his pants. Anja, just realizing what was going to happen. Sometimes you just need to be in the right place at the right time. For those who are thinking “bad dad”, these were swimming trunks and we had towels and… Continue Reading

Canada Day

After all the fun we had at Dufferin Grove last weekend, we decided to spend our Canada Day morning there as well. The second we left the house it started raining hard for ten minutes, but we decided to go on anyway. In the end we were glad we did, as it cleared up into… Continue Reading

At the Dufferin Grove Playground

Today we spent a happy, muddy morning at the Dufferin Grove Adventure Playground. Water, sand, wood and shovels. Tasty hot dogs and macaroni cheese from a little volunteer manned cafe. It doesn’t get much better, especially in the middle of the city. I took our waterproof GoPro Hero with me, so we could grab some pictures without worrying about a… Continue Reading

Lake Erie – a tour

We’ve always been fans of Lake Huron. The sandy beaches, the wonderful sunsets, the wide open spaces dotted with well kept Mennonite farms, those were the reasons we bought our little weekend getaway farm cottage near Kincardine some years ago. Lake Erie via Landsat. The tongue sticking out from the top is Long Point Provincial… Continue Reading

“You can’t tow it with that”

Just got a lovely message on instagram, on a picture from last year as we were on our maiden trip to Long Point Provincial Park. We met a guy who asked the usual question, how do you tow an Airstream with a van, and I of course pointed him towards CanAm RV in London. Turns… Continue Reading

Exploring The Pinery Provincial Park

The Pinery Provincial Park has a bit of a mythical status – hard to get in, forget it on a long weekend, it is supposed to be one of Ontario’s most beautiful Provincial Parks. The Pinery is home to North America’s last surviving oak savannah habitat, the dunes along the shoreline were formed more than… Continue Reading

Made with map

I’ve got an early beta invitation for, an easy to use mapping tool helping people to share their journeys by connecting images with locations. Anybody who has ever used google maps to create a custom map will appreciate the ease of use of However, while it looks great, I am not sure what… Continue Reading

Shakedown trip to Point Farms

We had booked a shakedown trip for the May long weekend, to Point Farms Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Huron. We used to own an old farm worker’s cottage nearby, so we know the area well – agriculture and Mennonite farms as far as the eye can see, in a gently undulating landscape… Continue Reading