Seasoning salts

Seasoning salts have been one of these things I kept reading about, but then not following up. My chef friends swear by them, as a quick and surefire way to season proteins with an added boost of flavour.

So finally, I decided to hop onto the bandwagon, after yet another recommendation, this time by Nigel Slater in Eat. My enthusiasm was being aided by a surplus of lovely fresh dill, thyme, and chives in the kitchen, all of which needed to be used before wilting away.

I decided on two flavorings, one Nordic and cool for fish and one warming and Mediterranean for poultry and pork.

For the fish seasoning salt I finely chopped a large bunch of dill and zested an organic lemon. The resulting mix was spread on a quarter-sized sheet pan (one of the most undervalued tools in any kitchen – I could not imagine cooking without them) and left to dry for 12 hours before mixing with kosher salt on a 1/3 ratio.

The warming mix contains finely chopped thyme, chives, garlic, lemon zest with a generous sprinkling of fennel seeds. Again, this mix was dried and then mixed with kosher salt.

I’m storing the salts in vintage mason jars and they should be good for a couple of months – although I can’t imagine they will keep that long. The first outing for the Nordic Salt was with a lovely piece of salmon cooked sous vide. It was perfect, with just a hint of lemon and dill.

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