Should I buy a Blomberg Appliance?

If you’ve perhaps typed the above into google and as a result ended up here, and if you’re looking for more information on Blomberg appliances and if you might have chatted with a sales person who gave you the German Quality spiel and if you might still be a trifle undecided:

Don’t do it.

We got talked into buying a Blomberg Dishwasher and a Blomberg fridge and have regretted both purchases. The dishwasher is four years old and finally gave up the ghost for good. In these four years our kitchen got flooded twice, for reasons unknown, the cleaning has gotten progressively worse and worse, bits fell off the baskets, the seal deteriorated, etc, etc.

Yesterday, finally, the control panel stopped working, giving us an excuse to send it to the Big Heap of Garbage in the sky, where it belongs.

The fridge is still working but produces the most amazing amount of condensation, meaning water collects at the bottom and stuff freezes to the back of the fridge.

So, if you’re asking me, no I will never buy anything made by Blomberg, ever again.

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