Special K tells women to stop dieting (also, hell freezes over)

Consumers have never been smarter about food, and the desire for real food in a real world has gone mainstream. Food producers are being forced to re­formulate, with real ingredients and no preservatives, colours or additives.

And this consumer-driven movement is also forcing brand messaging to show consumers as real people – as Special K has done in its new #OWNIT commercial.

Special K opens the ad with a startling bite of research:

“FACT: 97% of women have an “I­-hate-­my-­body”moment every day”

The brand’s advice for negative body-issue self-talk?

“What if we could tell that little voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough to ­­ SHUT UP!?”

Instead of encouraging women to work towards an impossible ideal, the brand says that loving yourself the way you are is a far healthier attitude, which is an impressive 180º turn for a diet brand.

In another marketing turnaround earlier this year, BelVita’s #MORNINGWIN campaign “got real” by making fun of the impossible promises brands make, in this case, ridiculously increased productivity, all thanks to a breakfast food.

PS: here’s a somewhat unrelated, highly unscientific, but nevertheless entertaining article from the Daily Telegraph that explores what “real men” are really looking for in a woman.

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