Why we’re buying a vintage Airstream

We used to own a sweet little farm worker’s cottage in the country, nestled away in a hamlet close to Lake Huron in the heart of Mennonite country.

As a weekend property, it was close to perfect. Heat came from a wood fired stove, our property sloped down to a lake, we were close to the sandy beaches of Lake Huron. Still, after a couple of years we decided to sell, mostly because we were getting bored going to the same place weekend after weekend but also because looking after the rural property was just too much work.

Grass needed cutting, firewood needed stacking, trees trimming. The jobs never stopped and we used to return to the city on a Sunday evening ready for another weekend.

When we bought a new house in Toronto, with a large backyard, we decided enough was enough. We sold the cottage and spent our weekends exploring Toronto.

Some years later we found ourselves as parents to three little boys, one older brother and the baby twins. We started thinking about finding another weekend home, ideally by a beach for the kids to play on. But once bitten by the work involved with dual home ownership we decided that we also wanted to be a: low maintenance and b: mobile.

It didn’t take us long to decide that the answer to our needs was an Airstream trailer. Airstreams last forever, over 70% of all Airstream trailers ever build are still in use, they have an iconic look and they tow better than most other trailers. It sounded like the ideal solution to our needs.

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