I am a curious entrepreneurial human striving for clarity and simplicity

I combine a deep fascination with the behavioral patterns shaping human nature with a decent grasp of brand strategy and marketing. My strength lies in distilling complexity into simple, compelling narratives that combine the power of data with emotional insight. 

I am fascinated by the paradoxical blend of irrationality and predictability that drives human thought, behaviour and action. I’m intrigued by the forces motivating us, the biases shaping our perceptions, and the emotional undercurrents influencing decisions.

I’ve been lucky to have worked with  amazing teams throughout my career that see the value in these obsessions – which in the last few years has included the potential of AI – and allow me to use them to build and support amazing brands, with deep expertise in technology and CPG → If it goes “beep” or tastes interesting, count me in. 

I have been a part of teams that, in our small way, helped to give birth to the modern internet, founded and exited amazing companies and turned commodities into much loved brands. 

Finally, I am a certified tea sommelier, and enjoy racing sail boats.

Andreas Düss

Toronto, Canada   •   London, UK

[email protected]

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